Fifteen Reasons to Love Winter

Winter – according to the weather people – is coming.

Apparently – you’re not going to believe me, but I’ve heard rumors – some people out there don’t like winter. (I know, right?!?) Anyway, in order to cheer up any of you who might fit that description, I’ve compiled a list of:

2016-01-21 16.01.30

  1. Christmas — of course.
  2. Sledding, snowmen, and snowball fights…what’s not to love?
  3. Cold days and early nights are a ready excuse to snuggle in and watch a few movies.
  4. Discolored spot on your roof? Bare patch in your lawn? Weeds in your flower beds? Snow makes every home look like a picture in Better Homes & Gardens.
  5. When you’re running errands, grocery shopping doesn’t have to be last on the list, because your perishables will be well-refrigerated right there in your trunk.
  6. With nighttime beginning at 5:00, you can take your kids outside to look at the stars, then go inside and play hide-and-seek in the dark…and still get them to bed at a decent hour.
  7. Think about it: Would you appreciate spring as much if it came right after fall?
  8. SOUP.
  9. You don’t have to fight with your kids to make them take advantage of the beautiful day and play outside. Because for a few sweet months, you’re perfectly justified in keeping them inside…right in front of the TV.
  10. Dark mornings mean kids sleep later.
  11. Your chances of getting burglarized are significantly lower than in the warmer months.
  13. Swimsuit season is a distant memory and a far-off dream of the future…so you can eat cookies to your heart’s content, knowing that nobody will be able to tell when you’re wearing sweaters.
  14. As every Calvin & Hobbes fan knows, being cold builds character.
  15. You can always put on more clothes and have it be socially acceptable. You can only remove so many before it’s…not.

So buck up, my friends. Embrace the cold. And the next time somebody complains about winter, offer him or her a cheery smile, a pep talk about being positive, and this list. I’m sure it won’t be annoying at all.



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